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Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet January 26, 2011

Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal AlphabetGone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet by David McLimans
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet, by David McLimans (2006)

Picture Book, 36 pages

With its black, white, and red motif, Gone Wild takes a new approach to learning about endangered animals inspired by the alphabet. As McLimans explains in the introduction, each letter was carefully crafted to portray one of these animals in beautiful black and white illustrations. While the artistic alphabet letters may suffice for a younger reader deciphering the images, a more sophisticated reader is given so much more. With Latin names, classes, habitats, ranges, threats, statuses, and descriptions about each animal provided, Gone Wild is definitely for a particular younger audience. While this book might not be intriguing to all beginning readers, young ones especially interested in science, animals, or endangered species will be fascinated by this book. However, a cautionary note to parents: this book’s aim seems to promote more understanding of endangered animals than it works to teach the alphabet.


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