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Garmann’s Summer February 13, 2011

Garmann's SummerGarmann’s Summer by Stian Hole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Garmann’s Summer by Stian Hole (2008)

Picture Book, 41 pages

With its quirky graphics and poetic storyline, Garmann’s Summer is an interesting find. Hole’s graphics are reminiscent of mixed media collage art found in a contemporary art museum and on popular stationary sets. The narrative shares Garmann’s discussions with family members and their fears, as well as his 6-year-old interpretations of their adult idioms and expressions. With its longer text and busy images, I hesitate to read this book to a larger group at the library. However, I delight in the book’s presentation and how it challenges the stereotype of children’s literature. Garmann’s Summer will definitely be one of those books that children either love or hate, and I would recommend it to children ages 5 or older. There must be an enjoyment in the peculiar and unique to appreciate this work of art.


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