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Today and Today February 13, 2011

Today And TodayToday And Today by Kobayashi Issa
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Today and Today by Issa Kobayashi and illustrated by G. Brian Karas (2008)

Picture Book, 33 pages

In Today and Today, G. Brian Karas takes on the complex task of compiling and illustrating various haiku from master poet Issa Kobayashi to form a collection of experiences during life’s seasons. Representative of the vast emotions and events in a lifetime, Karas creates snapshots of moments in one year of a family’s story. Younger children will delight in the colorful representations and simplicity of Kobayashi’s insightful lines, as more observant children and adults will savor the opportunity to close their eyes to hear or see Kobayashi’s profound lines take shape in their imaginations. Today and Today would also be a great way to help young poets begin to understand haiku and how few words can translate into so much more. This is a great book to help us all slow down and remember the deeper meanings in life’s simpler things.


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