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Nic Bishop Lizards March 21, 2011

Nic Bishop LizardsNic Bishop Lizards by Nic Bishop
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nic Bishop Lizards by Nic Bishop (2010)

Information, 48 pages

Nic Bishop vividly captures the ins and outs of the lizard world in his self-titled book, Nic Bishop Lizards. The design of the book will appeal to reptile and photography lovers alike with its mostly double-page spreads full of close-ups and very detailed images of colorful lizards. A feature of the book is a double fold-out midway through the book with a sequence of shots that capture a basilisk using its larger flapped feet to run across water. The visual presentation is captivating as Bishop does a fabulous job catching the most minute details at the right moments, from drops of water spraying off a fleeing lizard’s foot, to a chameleon’s bright orange and green coloring he uses to try and get a date, to the veiled chameleon’s lightening fast tongue that stretches almost twelve inches to grab a quick cricket bite. The photography is nicely complemented with well-written explanations and examples of specific lizard characteristics, including the main idea of the page in a larger, bolded, and different color font. Captions below the pictures connect the text and images to create one seamless presentation on the life and habitats of lizards, also informing the reader of the actual size of each pictured lizard. With a doctorate in biological sciences and the patience of a saint, Nic Bishop patiently waited for the right moment to get the perfect shot of each lizard. A reader will never guess that most of these shots were taken in his studio because of his meticulous eye for detail, knowledge of proper lighting and lenses, and love of learning about animals and nature. His passion is clearly present throughout the entire book and will make an avid lizard admirer out of anyone who reads his books. I would highly recommend this book to second graders and up doing research or just interested in the topic. With further reading, a glossary, and the link to Bishop’s website, the book is a great jumping point for reptile and biological exploration.


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