A Blog of Children's Literature

Why a Blog of Children’s and YA Literature January 25, 2011

As an aspiring school librarian, I am destined to read many children’s books. Currently, I am enrolled in a children’s literature course which encompasses pre-reader through young adult stages of development. As an apprentice, I am just beginning to understand the many facets of children’s literature, learning appropriate levels of development, and enjoying my time absorbing all the reading. Most of the books for this course have been published in the last 10 years to promote awareness of new trends and reads. Classic children’s books are still dear to my heart, but this blog will hopefully expose you to fresh stories that find a place in your heart. My ratings are only personal preferences and should be taken with a grain of salt. As I learned being a teacher, each reader has different tastes, and this does not exclude younger readers, full of life and personality. In this blog, I share my reads with you, so you can find the perfect book for your little one or for the kid in you.


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